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Welcome all Music Supervisors to my page!

After hearing you tell us what is the best way to make our music accessible, I decided to create an MP3 download page with all my songs. This lets you discover more if needed without anyone pushing songs on you. I also have descriptions of the tracks to help. I would very much love for my music to help tell your stories and moving pictures!

If you hear anything you want to use, please email me

KRONIS - AGAINST THE WORLD (Released November 2022)

  • MP3s will be here by next week (May 27th today)
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KRONIS - LUCK - (retro released November 2022)

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   - This album is from 2005-2012 and contains tracks from that time. Yours Forever is the lead single. 

I had several cover songs but they've been removed from my official double album release in November 2022.


Joe Satriani: The Summer Song.

  - this is neat, I had a deal to only pay a 3/4 royalty rate with Joe for mechanical licensing (creating CDs) at the time of recording (2003)

Breathe: Hands To Heaven.

 - this is a punk take on an old slow song everyone in the USA danced to. It didn't hit as hard at all in Canada from my recollection.

McRad: Weakness

 - I love this song. It's from Public Domain (90s Powell Peralta Skateboarding Video) I'm planning a Collab with Chuck Treece now.